The Contextual Security Solutions Company “Pen Set”

Welcome to the newest iteration of our website that went live this past Monday, you’re probably one of the first visitors! Over the next few weeks we will pull back in some of the previous blogs and walkthroughs.

Years ago, it was a corporate tradition to have a pen and pencil set given as a performance, anniversary, or retirement gift. Here’s a pen I was given back in my UUNET days – Does anyone remember UUNET? I made a lot of great friends there, two of which I still work with today at Contextual Security Solutions (Wendy Norton:Vice President & Rick Merwin:Cofounder)

UUNET Company Pen (circa 2001?)

Starting in 2014 we decided to embrace that tradition with our own twist. We started with the Benchmade Mini-Barrage – which we customized with our logo and some of our colors.  I’ve always been a big fan of Benchmade knives and carried a full-sized Barrage for years as an EDC.

Benchmade Mini-Barrage (Our First Company Pen:) )

The next year we went with a different model, and it has grown and varied from there (Griptilians, Coalitions, Crooked Rivers, and a Gerber Strongarm). We don’t always get a knife, in 2020 Rick, the other Cofounder, suggested we get custom framing hammers and camp axes (hat tip to Hardcore Hammers – these turned out great).

Hardcore Hammers (2020)

Last year we commissioned Yukon River Knives so that we could also support their mission of spreading the Gospel of Christ with the profits from their company. This year we wanted to go bigger so we supported a local business and got everyone the new Libertariat from ESEE knives (Made in the USA). These are so cool! I picked up an ESEE 4 a few years ago, so I was already familiar with their quality. The craftsmanship is excellent. Big thanks to the engraving team at Smoky Mountain Knife Works as they did a great job. Pay attention to our upcoming announcements and news, we plan to give one of these away in a contest later this year.

As of 2023, here’s the entire set (credit to Slade Griffin, our new president at Contextual Security, for the great picture):

Contextual Security Solutions "Pen Set" (2023)

This is a fun post, but I would be remiss if I didn’t plug our company as well. Contextual Security Solutions was established in 2012. Our goal from day one was to assist our clients through the execution and delivery of high-quality, innovative services in the Security, Risk & Compliance arena. We’ve always known that our clients, who are on the front line defending their organizations, have a much more difficult job than us. We understand that and have made it our mission to continually evolve our suite of services to meet the demands of the ever-changing cyber-security, risk & compliance landscape. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, our services and solutions (including our B.A.S.E. annual program), or if you’d simply like to talk about knives or make a suggestion for next year, please click on our contact button. Thank you for visiting.

Merry Christmas

Kevin Thomas and the team and Contextual Security Solutions

Isaiah 9:6

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