Infosec Quarterly Quorum

What is IQ2?

The Infosec Quarterly Quorum (IQ2) is a quarterly webinar hosted by Contextual Security Solutions. The focus of each quorum is to present and discuss current events and trends in the realm of information security. The presentations are designed to not only inform but provide tips and tools (through live demos and dynamic content) that the attendees can use and implement within their organization’s information security programs. The topics covered will span across the security & compliance spectrum and will aim to answer the three primary questions:

What is happening?

Why is it important?

What can (should) you be doing?

More information about the IQ2 group

Upcoming IQ2's (Online)

Stay Tuned. We will be releasing the date and time for the first IQ2 of 2024 soon.

Q1 2024: Coming Soon!

Q2 2024: TBD

Q3 2024: TBD

Q4 2024: TBD

Infosec Quarterly Quorum Format & Benefits

Each IQ2 includes a fifty (50) minute presentation, followed by a ten (10) minutes question & answer session. After the IQ2, attendees will receive an information supplement that includes an overview of the material covered (links to demo's, tools, data sources referenced, as well as key recommendations).

Upcoming IQ2 Topic Suggestions...

Have an idea for a IQ2 presentation, just let us know. Whether it's a new exploit or attack vector that's affecting your specific industry, or a change in a prominent compliance standard that may impact your organization, we're happy to investigate.


Looking for a speaker for your security or compliance conference (or meetup)? Let us know. We are always looking for opportunities to discuss current security trends and share our experiences.

Need Continuing Education (CE) Credits?

Needing CE's for CISSP's, CISA's, OSCP's or any other certifications, we've got you covered. All Attendees receive a certificate (upon request) of attendance within three days of the quorum.