Solid security consulting focused on helping organizations maintain the security and confidentiality of the sensitive ePHI they store, process and transmit.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Healthcare organizations house some of humanity's most critical data. Our expertise in healthcare has helped organizations find potential vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches of patient data before they happen. We help you tighten network security and help bridge gaps between business units to ensure system-wide alignment in the protection of electronic patient health information (ePHI).

Whether you are a private practice or a large network of providers, we have worked with solos, group practices, and large health systems to help practitioners strengthen the security measures that protect and safeguard their patient data.

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Healthcare (HIPAA)

What is the status of your “protected” health information?

Every year, medical organizations across the nation have breaches of electronic protected health information (ePHI). But what is more concerning is there are thousands more organizations with the same vulnerabilities that just haven’t been found yet. Are you among them? Do you have confidence in the location, protection, and defense of your protected health information?

Know where your data lives...

Many healthcare auditing firms promise to perform a HIPAA Security Rule, Breach, and Privacy review, but when they are done, do you really have confidence in the locations, storage, and protections in place over all of your protected health information? As part of our HIPAA Audit Protocol, we perform a deep dive into your people, processes, technologies (e.g. EHR/EMR's), and environments, find and assess risks to your ePHI, and help with recommendations so you can have peace of mind with your patient’s data.

Power through out briefings

While most auditors can hand out a report and sign off, we truly desire to be “in your corner” with respect to findings and recommendations. Our team gives detailed feedback to C-Level, technical, and board-level business leadership. We have advised top-level medical firms and medical retailers on remediation plans and given actionable advice digestible by both technical and non-technical organizational teams alike.

Security Tasks Cadence | Healthcare Industry

Solidify your information security program through the consistent execution of applicable security & compliance tasks.

The HIPAA Audit Protocol and HITRUST include a number of tasks that are required to be performed following a defined cadence.

Security Tasks to be performed Periodically

Risk Assessment (164.308(a)(1)(iia)(HISTRUST 03.a-d) | Assess Risk to ePHI and ePHI Systems.  

Penetration Test / Security Assessment (HITRUST 05.h) | Independent review of information security.

Incident Response Training (164.308(a)(6)(ii) | Security Incident Procedures / Response and Reporting Review.

Facility Access Controls and Plan Review (16.310(a)(2)(ii)(HITRUST 05.h) | Facility Access Controls / Facility Security Plan Review.

Contingency Plan Training and Testing (164.308(a)(7)(i) | Contingency Plan Review.

Data Backup and Storage Review (164.310(d)(2)(iv) | Device and Media Controls / Data Backup and Storage Procedures Review.

Emergency Access Procedures Review (164.312(a)(2)(ii) | Access Control / Emergency Access Procedure Review.

Contextual Security Solutions can assist your organization with these tasks, keeping you on track with your compliance initiatives.

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