Secure Your Data. Secure Your Business.

Straightforward Solutions to Complex Security Issues.

Solid security begins with knowing. Excels by doing.

Introducing the Contextual Security process…


Solid security begins with knowing.

Where are the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant threat to your business? How secure are you? What do you need to do next?

Contextual Security’s Assessment services deliver the both the insights you need to make solid security decisions, and the actions to take to safeguard your data and business.



Compliance Made Easy.

PCI QSA for PCI Compliance ServicesLet’s face it. Compliance can be difficult, tedious, and frustrating. So we work harder than anyone to ease that burden on you. Regular meetings, crystal clear reports, actionable recommendations, and a uniquely personal approach are just a few of the ways we go the extra mile for you.

We are a PCI-DSS Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company.

Trade confusion for confidence with Contextual Security’s Compliance Services. 



Solid Security Excels by Doing.

Contextual Security can help you build and maintain Security Management Programs (SMPs) that help you consistently operate at peak security. Whether you’re building a security initiative from scratch, or have an existing program in place, Contextual Security can develop an SMP that measures, identifies, and mitigates your risks. Secure your data, secure your business.

> SecurityXtension – Just starting out? Looking to ​ build a more mature Security Management Program? Get an idea of what security services you need and why.
> Audit & Testing Onsite Module (ATOM) – ​Proprietary onsite security consultant in a box. This device gives us secure insight into your network security so we can provide you help with the added benefits of not needing to come on site.
> Elements BASE – A high-level overview of your most critical vulnerabilities and recommended baseline activities for strengthening your security profile. A great place to start.
> Enhanced BASE – A comprehensive deep-dive into your security situation, complete ​ with analytics, reports, and remediation plans. Great next steps in your mature security initiatives.


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