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At Contextual Security, our goal is to help you earn the peace of mind that comes from a solid security strategy, implemented well.
How we do that is different from many security solutions providers out there. 


Personal Partnership

We see ourselves as partners with you on your journey to security. And not just with your business. But with you, personally. Often, the security “buck” stops with you. So we’re here to help shoulder that burden, making you and your business as successful–and secure–as possible.


Actionable Remediation Plans

If you’re ill and you visit the doctor, you expect both a diagnosis and a plan of action to get better. You should expect the same of your security solutions provider. Contextual Security not only provides in-depth insight into your situation, but also in-depth, prioritized remediation plans to keep you on the right track.


Better Tools. Lower Cost.

Our streamlined processes and proprietary technologies help us drive down the cost of effective security. Tools like Illumino give you unprecedented insight into your security posture and compliance progress.


We Make It Easy

You’re the star player. We’re the coach. Our job is to make you as successful as possible. So we commit to making your compliance and security initiatives as pain-free, stress-free, and frustration-free as possible.


Essential Ethics

Our rigid ethical principles drive everything we do. We take consistent action toward the best possible execution of your security requirements. Each member of our team each takes a personal, faith-based commitment to deliver excellence to you.


Driving The Industry Forward

The team at Contextual Security is on the ground floor of the security industry, actively pushing it forward by influencing the industry and helping establish security standards. From early involvement in the development of the PCI-DSS, Penetration Testing Execution Standards (PTES), CISA, and GIAC security standards, to leadership in regional and national security organizations like ISSA and SANs Mentors, to industry table-top exercises, to speaking at security committees and conferences, our goal is to help all businesses have the resources they need to withstand the threats they face.

Enterprise Data Security

Let’s link arms to protect your data, customers, and business.


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