Seeing your company’s technology compliance status should not be an arduous task.  After all, the whole point of technology is to compile data efficiently and simplify our work lives.  Let illumino free you to take other, more exhilarating, risks.


The current compliance marketplace consists of technology tools that are either outmoded or deeply inefficient. If an IT degree is required to access the reports and understand what they say about your company, then you will appreciate the simplicity of illumino. Following the patented evaluation procedures developed by Contextual Security, illumino provides a snapshot of your compliance process, allowing you to instantly understand remaining steps involved in your process without the necessity of explaining to an employee why you are asking the question in the first place. And, it is completely customizable to any legacy compliance platform so there is no need to start from scratch.

Think It Through

of retail attacks involve payment system tampering.
of breaches are perpetrated by outsiders.
are attacked by organized criminal groups.
of breaches are discovered by internal it employees.

The Dash Designed for You


Owning a company requires agility and oversight.  You need to understand your IT security plan from start to finish.  It needs to be presented to you in terms you can understand and with reports that are easy to access without any level of administrative oversight.  Illumino’s Executive Dash is the answer.


The responsibilities of an internal IT employee expand with each and every technology system added to a company, forming a virtual mountain of work.  Managing compliance requirements is just another of your many roles and the Illumino Compliance Manager Dash is here to simplify that.  Our easy-to-access reporting tools instantly reveal steps needed to achieve regulatory compliance, freeing you to take care of more alluring landscapes.


Traditionally, an auditor would run system software, compile mountains of data, parse it over several days – maybe weeks – and then deliver it to a distracted client.  Now the Illumino Compliance Auditor Dash makes all of this efficient and streamlined, providing instant reports that can be reviewed with a client on the first visit.

Case Studies

  • Having used different IT GRC products in past. We feel Contextual Security’s “illumino” has allowed us to better organize and simplify the numerous compliance controls along with roles and responsibilities to better organize and complete our audit requirements. With it’s any access platform, we can use this data anywhere-anytime to provide scheduled controls and evidence of those in a central tool, making us more consistent and productive. The fact we no longer wait to see reports and results or audits – now they are available as they are completed, almost in “real time”. The result is a less stressful completion and final delivery of Reports on Compliance, without the anxiety of not knowing or feeling incomplete. It’s refreshing to use a product that is built and understood by a team that not simply understands compliance, but is active and experts in security testing. I no longer dwell or doubt our ROC date goals, because of Contextual Security and “illumino”.

    – Information Security & Compliance Manager, Large Retail Chain

  • Our illumino platform allows Contextual Security Solution’s auditor’s to manage our client’s audits effectively and efficiently throughout the entire process. When we built illumino (patent pending), we wanted to achieve four key goals.
    First, we wanted to provide a dashboard that would allow our client stakeholders to log in at any time and monitor the progress of the audit. So many times in the past when talking with potential clients a common complaint with their previous auditors was not knowing where they stood with respect to their audit (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc) until it was too late. A second goal we had when developing illumino was to provide a mechanism to allow our clients to communicate with us within the application. Illumino provides that mechanism on a control by control basis. Specifically, if our client has a question regarding our finding on a given control, or if they simply have a question regarding interpretation of a control, they can ask it directly within the application. This mechanism gives them direct access to their auditor and saves them time by not having to provide any context regarding their question or observation. Next, we wanted to provide a scheduling component to remind those responsible within the clients organization for the various quarterly, biannual, annual and on demand tasks commonly found in the various compliance frameworks and authoritative standards (e.g. Biannual Firewall Audits (PCI), Annual Policy Reviews (HIPAA), etc). Lastly, we wanted to build a tool that was flexible enough to handle any framework, across any industry (Healthcare, Critical Controls, Banking, Payment Cards, Experian, etc.). Illumino does it all!

  • Access to complete, up-to-date information is a critical first step for any organization following a rigid security compliance program, as well as any organization striving to make an impact on securing sensitive data. Managing this process, controlling the data and structuring effective roles & responsibilities along with accountability is dependent on our ability to manipulate big data. Contextual Security’s “illumino” simplifies the entire process and enhances our ability to provide a comprehensive view of all security & compliance program information to support security integration, financial risk management and population compliance management. Illumino, allows us to access this information on multiple platforms and provides real-time, usable data to support and communicate areas on need or concerns.

    – CIO, Big Box Retailer

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